There are 3.52 billion women in the world that will tell you, that menstrual hygiene products are essential to lead a functional, normal life. However, several governments don’t think they are. They deem these items not essential, and tax them accordingly.

This is a #BloodyDisgrace and we decided to do something about it.

With no budget aside from our time, we launched a social campaign to drive people to sign a petition to the UN, to make it a basic human right to have access to sanitary pads, tampons and mooncups.

Within the first 3 days of the campaign we hit over a 1000 signatures but more importantly, we were featured in Stylist magazine, Radio 4’s women’s hour, by pro female rights activist Leyla Hussein in Cosmopolitan, and numerous blogs; helping to raise the profile of the debate both nationally and globally.

Inspired by feminist literature and the work of guerilla girls we created a suite of shareable online imagery targeted at different celebrities and companies. Sign the petition today to play your part in making the world better for women everywhere.