Whether you sell on Amazon or not, we provide solutions to improve visibility and sales of your brands and drive conversion in-store.

We believe that brands can succeed or fail based on the strength of their Amazon strategy.

To give you some context, did you know that 53% of shoppers begin their shopping journey on Amazon, which is 5 x greater than Google.

Interestingly, 60% of Amazon customers finish their shopping journey in-store, which shines a light on how brand owners can further optimise their customer strategies.

Whether you choose to sell on Amazon or not, as a brand owner you have control over your brand imagery and product descriptions, helping you enhance your digital strategy.

And given that they grew by 17% in 2014, surely every marketing strategy should include consideration of Amazon?

How can we help? We’ve unlocked the two core purchase algorithms of Amazon, which provide 4 BIG opportunities
to win.

1. Search visibility
ensure your customers see your product over the competition.

2. Brand TOV
ensure your customers see your brand imagery and copy as you intend, regardless of the vendor.

3. Sales conversion
increase your sales vs the competition.

4. Drive to store
drive your customers in-store to explore your full brand offering.

We’d love to talk more about how we can help you. So if you’re interested contact Dean Lanzman, Head of Data & Loyalty deanl@fullsixuk.com or 0207 908 0745