Freeview believe ‘Entertainment. It’s even better when it’s free’. The next addition to this campaign was the singing Left Behinds. The TVC combined a stadium rocking power ballad anthem with relatable and fun car boot sale characters. With its quirky nature, the ad was obviously going to create a stir.

We continued the conversation digitally by building upon the characters and the storyline of the ‘Left Behinds’. And, to do that, we decided to enlist the help of showbiz legend Lionel Blair.

Our idea was to show Lionel rescuing the singing car boot sale characters as he wanted their help to recreate a classic 80’s game show in his shed at home. The characters became Lionel’s special house band, crooning along to the theme tunes of some of the nations favourite TV shows.

Users could play along in an interactive YouTube video and win a host of TV related prizes.

View the Freeview TV Tombola Show