Kids are the most precious things in their parents’ lives. However, some parents and extended family often don’t have the right first aid skills to deal with accidents when they occur.

The British Red Cross offers a solution, a first aid baby and child app to ensure that people are equipped with the right knowledge and information. Having won a pitch earlier in the year, we worked alongside British Red Cross to promote the app and motivate people in learning first aid.

Have you ever noticed that children act exactly the same as rappers? Think about it. Their trousers strewn low with boxer shorts and nappies popping over the top, they love a good party, drinking from the bottle and throwing diva strops.

This thinking fuelled our “First Aid Rapped Up” campaign. We created three fifty-second blinged up rap music videos, encouraging parents to find and embrace their first aid swagger, as told from the people who really matter, the kids. The first of these videos has been released.

Within the first month of going live the campaign has had over 19 million impressions with almost 1 million views on Facebook and Youtube, but more importantly over 31 000 downloads of the app.

Have you got your first aid swagger?