8 December

The Sharing Economy

We used to live in a world where hitching a lift with a stranger classified you as a hitchhiker. Or staying the night in a stranger’s home usually meant you were a bit of a long haired hippy or having a one night stand. We also used to live in a world where businesses and […]

21 August

From the classroom to the FullSIX London studio

This week we had a young student join us at FullSIX London to learn about advertising and get firsthand experience of agency life. As happy as he was to join us we were glad to have Euan on board to get a peek into how youngsters today think. For a 14 – year old, Euan […]

19 August

5 things I wish I’d known when becoming a creative

I love my job. I really do, but here’s the but. I wish someone had told me a few key things to ease the rocky parts of my creative path… 1. Your babies are killed everyday  Imagine a child, a child who comes home from school having made something for you. You’re not quite sure […]

9 May

At6 Gallery opens

At6 Gallery opens

  Recent visitors to our sixth floor will notice something new on the walls. We’re a creative bunch at FullSIX and to help keep the fresh ideas flowing we’ve turned our reception and boardrooms into the ‘at6’ gallery space. Every month FullSIX London will play host to a different new artist, illustrator, agitator…