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Big ideas, big data, big news, big change, big trends or the next big thing…

…Perhaps we’ve been so caught up with our grandiose ambitions that we’ve failed to recognise the impact that the little things can have on our lives?

Meanwhile, it’s the right swipe, Facebook Like button, Emoji quick responses and slimline hamburger menus that are having a bigger impact on people’s lives – in a way that most marketing ideas have failed to do.
Smart thinking is in the detail.

The details are not the details. They make the design.” Charles Eames

The fact is we live in a world where our audiences are not actively looking for brand engagement outside of perhaps a Super Bowl or Christmas ad.

A big idea, a big budget, and a big objective of increasing sales; all can quickly be reduced if no focus has been placed on improving the experience of the key product page – logical functionality, clear orientation, expected responses etc. – as it’s these things working together that make life easier for the user.

It’s when all of these seemingly small details are considered in the design and delivery that a customer will think twice about taking their business to a new brand.

The British Gas app is a great example of this – despite the tactical emails and brand advertising – it’s the fact that the app automatically turns your phone’s torch on when you want to read the meter that makes you think twice about switching providers.

Cumulatively changing mindsets

But ‘micro’ is much more than just an effective interaction. When you look at what makes us choose or stay loyal to brands, there are lots of ways they can deliver moments of engagement that make our lives better:


  1. Saving time

Making my decisions easier or supporting me in a relevant way.

  1. Providing social status

Giving me something I can entertain my friend with for a few moments.

  1. Strengthening a bond

Enabling me to have a meaningful moment with my friends and family.

  1. Getting me to respond

Triggering agreement or confirmation of a shared point of interest.

  1. Fuelling a passion

Getting me to participate in something I believe in or that will benefit me.

These are the things that push us to consider, purchase and advocate. They give brand creativity a purpose by taking the customer on a journey towards whatever the brand objectives may be.

Life isn’t lived in years, or days, or even hours. It’s lived in moments.” Google

Designing tangible experiences

By looking at the details and recognising the truths around audience behaviour towards brand, analogue and digital experiences, we can put the latest buzzwords to one side and deliver meaningful and relevant experiences.

Without the constraint of creating the ‘ego of big’, we are free to craft and design ‘micro’ experiences – from improving an interaction to inspiring someone to react to content in a specific, emotional way. We are no longer bound or trapped into delivering the “one, big hit” that satisfies the misconceptions of marketing.

Designing the experience enables us to steer clear of the concerns created by the increased use of ad blockers (a micro-experience in its own right), instead focusing on what we can realistically expect from a customer and the small ways we can actually help them.

And while these considerations may be small, the impact that they have, independently or cumulatively, can be vast and rewarding for both the brand, the agency and yes…

…the customer.


Rob Trono, Executive Creative Director, Fullsix.